This is the most affordable tap dance lesson I've found in Denver. It was the initial reason why I went with it. However, once I started going, there were so many other reasons why I really love attending. One of my favorite parts about this class is that when you buy a set of classes, they don't expire. So it makes me feel like I can go at my own pace and not feel like I'm wasting money when I need to miss a week with my busy schedule. Dennis is extremely kind and the atmosphere is very laid back and at-your-own pace. Dennis works with each of us individually throughout the hour to help us make our steps sound cleaner. At the end of class, he always teaches us a routine that we can practice during the week as he builds on it at each class. All around a great class! 

Veronica F.

I've been attending Dennis' tap class for about a year. Having not done any tap dancing since I was in grade school, I was very much a beginner. Dennis is supportive, patient, and kind. He really takes the time with his students to help them improve. It is exciting to see his students improving from week to week. His classes are often a mix of beginners and more advanced dancers. Regardless, he manages to keep the class interesting, accessible, and challenging for everyone in attendance. He teaches something new each week, reviews steps taught previously, and incorporates all of those skills into fun, choreographed dances. Simply put: Dennis is a great teacher. I highly recommend his class for anyone interested in learning how to tap, or in picking it up again!

Gretchen E.

I take beginner tap and east coast swing with Dennis. We learn a lot in these classes, and have a great time doing it! Dennis is a patient teacher, and is great at teaching new steps and helping you refine your technique without making you feel put "on the spot".  I look forward to these classes all week, and always leave with a smile on my face!

Amy T.

This is the perfect place to explore tap. I've  taken a lot of dance and have always been curious about tap. Shirley Temple wanna be when I was little. Dennis is such an encouraging instructor, but doesn't baby me. It's a challenging dance form for sure, but also a blast.  PS...tap shoes allow me to dance and play a musical instrument at the same time! If this was rated in smiles - big dimples here! Tap helps balance and exercise my brain after working on a computer all week. I want more tap!! Thank you Dennis!

Wendy W.

These classes are so much fun!  As someone who waited until her 30s to learn any sort of dance, I am so glad to have found Dennis and his patience. Even when I feel foolish, he makes sure to encourage me. If you want to learn how to dance, Tap Dance Denver is your place!

Fit Foodie I.

Dennis shows us his new moves all the time.  Is a great guy and takes pride in teaching and dancing.

Jamie R.