Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need tap shoes to start?

No, you can try it out in any kind of hard soled shoe, but you will need to get tap shoes if you decide to continue. In the Denver area, Dance Xtreme Bodywear in Greenwood Village has the best selection. Hart's Dancewear in Arvada, and Penny-Robin in Littleton carry tap shoes as well.

There are a number of shoes available online as well. We like Bloch for quality and selection:

Do I need to have any dance experience?

No, we start with the very basic foot movements, placements and sounds, giving students a good foundation of simple steps to build on. Once mastered we move on to more complicated patterns and faster rhythms. Everyone learns at a different pace, so we try to give each student in class specific focus on where to improve.

I have done some tap dance, which class should I come to?

If it's been a while since you have had your tap shoes on, we recommend trying the beginner/intermediate class to brush up your skills, and when you are ready for more of a challenge we move you to the advanced class.